Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to level out a wonky floor

With most old Cornish houses things aren't quite straight and level and our floor is definitely not level. The worst area is within the kitchen where the floor slopes massively over to the left. With several bags of self levelling compound mixed up we begin the task of pouring the solution on the floor concentrating on the worst areas first. The concrete then naturally pools across the floor filling in the deepest gaps leaving us with a floor a lot less wonky ready to receive the new oak flooring.  
The area that hasn't been covered with the concrete is actually at the correct height the rest of the floor was just a lot lower. Now we just need to wait for this to dry and we can lay out our extra thick insulating thermal underlay and start fitting the floor at last. We removed the tiles that were originally on the floor several months ago so it has been an extremely long time living in a house with a concrete floor so I can not wait to see the new floor go down and see the house transformed once again.