Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's a little drafty with no roof in the bathroom!

With the sky looking particularly grey it's quite a worrying time to have no roof on our bathroom. When we bought the house we hadn't really realized the full extent of the repair work required. Well maybe my partner did realize the work required but made it sound a lot less scary to me. When he said new bathroom I didn't imagine for one second the roof needing to be removed.
open air bathroom

Alfresco bathroom
I'm starting to understand now just why people don't restore houses all the time and buy them all ready complete to move into. I thought it was a simple task of ripping out the old bathroom and putting in the new. I hadn't even thought about plumbing needing to be moved, electrics re-wired and roofs repaired. I guess that's just a womens way to think about pretty shower screens and tiles and not have a clue how it all goes together!
bathroom refitting

Monday, 27 May 2013

Building a slate fireplace hearth

With the weather still bad outside it is impossible to carry on with the roof of the bathroom so today is for jobs indoors.
Building a custom fire place hearth
Today we have help from James's dad who is building a fire place hearth using slate. With the slates in place it's now a job to fill the area with cement to put the finishing slate in place.

It's so nice to see the fireplace coming together as it's something that we want rather than what was in the house when we bought it, finally the house is taking on our personalities and our tastes.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Will Laura Ashley make my dreams come true?

So as my regular readers will know the house build has been going on for nearly 8 months now and we have well and truly run out of money and energy on the project. For my partner James he keeps trucking on bit by bit each night ticking off jobs on the epic to do list. Whereas my early excitement of buying our first house and thinking pretty curtains and bed linen days are over and the reality of renovating a house sinks home.

Well today with the help of fellow blogger Annie Bean and the gorgeous brand Laura Ashley i'm entering their blogger competition to win £1000 to spend at Laura Ashley to decorate a bedroom.

I can not contain my excitement whilst writing this post as it has reignited the spark inside me to visualize how my dream room will look one day.

Here is the dreaded bedroom that we moved into! and yes the walls are still stained and disgusting, the ceiling is still cracked and moldy, the window has no curtains and the skirting boards are not attached to the walls. at least the lamp shade serves a purpose! The room is pretty much exactly the same as this now except it has a temporary bed slap bang in the middle of the room. We don't have any wardrobes in there and a lot of our clothing is still in storage whilst the rest of the house is worked on.
Laura Ashley bedroom
 To win £1000 to spend at Laura Ashley would be like a dream come true, we have spent so much on the rest of the house and with all the unexpected problems of rotten and leaking roofs we now don't have the budget to do up the bedrooms for a long time.

I've looked at the Laura Ashley site and drooled quite a lot and dreamed at what my bedroom would look like if I won the competition. My room definitely needs a refresh not just for spring but for the whole year ahead!

Here are the items i'm dreaming to squeeze into my room -

Firstly an actual double bed! Currently me and my partner have two single beds pushed together it's not ideal and it's two divans with no storage so this white bed with the ottoman at the end would be amazing. 

Next on the list would be curtains as we haven't got any yet and these gorgeous duck egg blue blossom curtains are perfect.

 Lastly i'd love to do a feature wall in this tree wallpaper..... 

Here's to keeping my fingers crossed that I win but the reality will more likely be back to the building site with a bump but it was nice to think about the pretty things once again as recently it's been buying concrete and insulation and isn't very exciting at all!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Flooding continues in the kitchen

Unfortunately our temporary roof wasn't quite as watertight as we had hoped and the rain of the extreme torrential variety had caught us out. Waking up to the sound of dripping water we were shocked to find about 2ft of water in our kitchen coming through from the leaking bathroom roof. 
Flooded kitchen
With buckets in place to steam the flow of water it was now time for James to get up on the roof in the pouring rain to make the roof as water tight as possible. Still only a temporary measure as its far to dangerous to work on the roof in such rain. We will just have to make do with a tarpaulin roof tonight and hope that the next day is a little dryer and we can finish the roof of properly soon
Catching rain water in buckets

Clearing up the flood water
At least the floor has had a good clean!!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Adding some paint to the walls

With the whole house now torn apart in every direction I decided to get some colour on the walls in the living room in the hope that we can at least make one room a little more homey. I know the rest of the house needs a lot of work and so does this room, but with a little colour the room feels a lot warmer and definitely a lot less like a building site!

Painting a feature wall in a room

Unfortunately once the paint had dried we decided that we didn't like the satin sheen on the wall and will soon repaint the wall in the same colour but with a matt paint instead. At least the colour we have chosen we are happy with.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Using reclaimed glass

Recently James's farther found a piece of old glass at a local farmers and after finding out that the farmer no longer wanted it brought it around for us to use somewhere on the house. The glass made the perfect window to go in the front door, letting light into the house but also adding something unique that makes our house special.

The glass cleaned up beautifully and looks stunning and makes a wonderful statement to the front of our house as well as letting in lots more natural light.

Cornish stained glass window