Monday, 28 January 2013

Ripping out the old kitchen

Next on the massive list of jobs to do was to rip out the old kitchen. The whole kitchen area currently sits at a lower level then the outside patio and this has resulted in years of water entering the property.

When we received the keys to our new house the first thing you noticed was the rotting smell of damp throughout. Now it has become clear why this is and where it is coming from, Through a combination of water entering the building from below and the roof that leaks in several places above. Ripping out the kitchen was a really satisfying experience the more that got ripped out the less prominent the smell. Although some of the mustiness is still present we are hoping to uncover and remove that soon. 

Removing the ceiling in the kitchen
With the kitchen units being removed we are having to make do with a painting and decorating table for a kitchen work top.
Removed Kitchen

Gutting a kitchen
The kitchen looking really sorry for itself, but I guess we have to make a mess before we can make it nice again.