Monday, 2 June 2014

Renovating the master bedroom

With a slow start to 2014 the renovating of our home has been halted by lack of money. After Christmas hitting us hard financially and the Christmas holiday feeling of not doing any work the months drifted by and before we knew it summer was approaching us and the whole of the upstairs still needs attention.

With pay day upon us we blow all our cash by the 1st day of the month on plaster board and timber ready to start the process of renovating the master bedroom. First on the list of things to do was expose the two walls that need attention and these just happened to be the walls with the fitted wardrobes against. Clearing out the bedroom and then moving the wardrobes we now have access to the walls to strip off the old plaster board and re line with thermally insulated plaster board on the two external walls. The old plaster boarded walls were perfectly fine and we could have simply redecorated the room but we are doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly and retain as much heat as possible plus the benefits of saving money on heating.

Removing wardrobes
With the wardrobes emptied and moved to the other side we now have access to the walls that need insulating.
Renovating the bedroom
First we get to work ripping down the old plaster board and the old timbers that were holding them up. When I say holding them up, they were barely holding onto the crumbly wall and were not attached to the plaster board on the ceiling.
Removing old plaster board
With all the old plaster board and old timbers removed we make a few repairs to the wall and check for any cracks and apart from looking a little old and moth eaten we are pleased that it is perfect to plaster board straight back over.
Bedroom renovation
Separated at 400mm apart the timber's were secured in place, with the correct depth screws to hold the timbers firmly in place this time.
Timbers for plaster boarding
With all the timbers in place it would have been time to fit the plaster board and our room would be ready for the plasterers... However like most aspects of renovating our house we decide to change the plans again. All along we decided to place the bed against the right hand side, we've had the whole house rewired and this included running sockets and electrics for wall lights on the right. However now the room was gutted we could see the room in a different way and decided to move the bed to the left hand side so now we need to get our electrician back to change things around once more!
Bedroom decorating
It's a minor set back but both agreed the bed would be better on the left and whilst we are renovating the whole house want to do our bedroom exactly how we want it. 

Next job is to get the wiring done and then get the plaster board up ready for the plasterer, then all we need to do is decide how we want to decorate our new master bedroom.