Monday, 25 February 2013

A new roof on our Cornish House.

New Roof Cornwall
With bad weather holding us back we are finally given a dry day to get back out and work on the roof. In the above picture you can see the final beams in place ready to cover and get roofing tiles. Unfortunately there are only so many jobs my lovely boyfriend can do himself and laying the roof tiles is slightly out of his skill set so although he did the majority himself we had to get the professionals in to finish the job for us. 

Cornish roof
It might be late and now dark but here is the very nearly finished roof. Need to work on the render around the edge but at least we are water tight and hopefully a little warmer. It's another job ticked off the massive ever growing list, and a job we hadn't realized we needed to do. Hopefully there aren't to many more expensive surprises for us!


  1. Glad to know that you finally decided to buy the house instead of renting it. A house is a pretty good investment, isn't it? Anyway, how long did it take the roofer to finish the work, Amanda? Did you replace the roof of the entire house as well? I look forward to seeing your renovated house. Good luck and keep safe!

    Davis Cassinelli

  2. Hi Davis, Thanks for checking out my blog, my partner did a lot of the roof himself so took quite a while on his own. Got some professionals to come in to tile it though. The main roof of the house was recently repaired before we bought the house so luckily didn't have to replace that as well.