Friday, 8 February 2013

New roof to our new home

With a bright sunny day it's time to start attacking the rotten roof, the roof we have since found out that is built from several layers of roof. You can see in the picture below just how rotten the roof was. 
Rotten roof
Striping off the roof tiles and beams 
Striping off the old roof
It was quite an apocalyptic sight seeing my kitchen without a roof, the kitchen isn't great anyway and the plan is to replace the new kitchen once the roof is repaired and the room actually dry but here i really felt like there wasn't even much of a house to live in anymore.
Kitchen without a roof
You can see on the below image the scarring left on the wall from the additional roofs that had been built over the top of each other. Hopefully now we will just put the one roof back on and this time it will be done properly, with real roofing materials and not a wardrobe panel in sight!
Inside of the house with no roof

Single story roof being removed
The new beams are being cut into the roof.
New single story roof beams
With the night drawing in it was time to stop the roof build for the day, with some roofing felt an a few beams in place we were relatively dry for the night and will continue the rest of the roof ripping it off and repairing it tomorrow. 
Temporary roof lining