Monday, 4 February 2013

Plaster boarded ceilings

Now that the front room is repaired and the wiring put in place the battens have gone up and the insulation in place this can all be hidden by shiny new plaster board. 

Now I know these pictures are extremely boring, but to me this is quite a momentousness occasion where all the months of ripping stuff down and tearing stuff out we finally start putting some rooms back together. I know we are a long way off but this is keeping me happy for the time being. 
Freshly plaster boarding ceiling

Plaster board around wooden beams
You can see the dining room in the distance starting to get insulation so this will be next to get the finishing treatment.


  1. By finishing touches of some shiny plaster board this will look stunning.Hope in your next post you will share us the finished view.Thanks a lot!

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  2. Hi Bloomer Blowe, I think the finished view will be a long way off but i will keep you all updated with the slow progress. Can't wait to live in a home and not a building site.