Sunday, 10 February 2013

Why do we get torrential rain when we have no roof?

We should have realized that a whole day in the dry with no rain was too good to be true and in true Cornish style today is wet. Very wet! Waking to find water pretty much everywhere is not a good way to start the morning, See below the little outhouse for our gas bottles under about 3inches of water. 

LPG gas bottle central heating
With all hands on deck we tried to sweep as much water away into the drain as possible to stop the water ingres into the house.

Sweeping up the flood water
With the water steadily pouring outside, that means that the water is steadily pouring inside. Here water is coming through the kitchen cupboards.
Flood water in the kitchen
The worst area for leaking was around the chimney were the roof was removed, here the water was literally running down the walls.
Water leaking around the chimney
As the night drew to a close the water started filling up in the porch. Hopefully the next day working on the roof is a little dryer and we can get the roof finished and get the house dry.
Flooded porch

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