Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to remove a bathroom suite

To move the ceiling height up downstairs, we have had to take everything out of the bathroom and move the floor up upstairs. First to be disconnected and removed is the toilet. Notice that the shower doors are already gone and the bath is next to go!
How to remove the bathroom toilet
More wasted space behind the toilet where the wall was built across the corner, this is removed opening our bathroom back out into a rectangle bathroom.
removing an old bathroom suite
A hole is then cut in the bathroom floor enabling us to pass items straight from the bathroom down to the kitchen where us ladies were frantically collecting debris and getting it out to the skip. 
Rotten floor boards in bathroom
Eventually whole walls were removed and passed down to us and the room was beginning to empty. 
Bathroom demolition
Shockingly when we removed the mirror it was glued straight onto the plasterboard and the tiles behind it were missing. I'm really pleased to say that we won't be cutting any corners and the whole room will be tiled first and then a mirror added. This way if we do decide to change the mirror at a later date we won't be forced to keep it because we didn't tile the room correctly. 
Bad DIY photos

It doesn't take long before all the bathroom suite is removed, now for the job of removing the floor. This will certainly be for another day and we are off to stay with friends whilst there is no bathroom in our house!

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