Monday, 24 June 2013

How to rip out the kitchen!!!

This is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in, the ceiling in this corner of the house is lower than the ceiling everywhere else in the house so to combat this we need to strip the whole lot out and move the ceiling up. 
kitchen design
The kitchen to our surprise was actually double the thickness it needed to be and at some point the kitchen was updated and it was build straight over the top of the old skirting and therefore about 6 inches deep of ply wood in some places. 
Kitchen demolition
James worked hard removing the walls and chunks of wood and I worked hard carrying all the debris out into the skip.
Disgusting kitchen
Once the old kitchen was removed I was mortified we had successfully managed to turn the bottom end of our house into what looks like a torture dungeon. Now the next step is to remove the bathroom upstairs and then eventually move this ceiling/floor up! 

This is a massive job just to make something look aesthetically pleasing but If you are going to do the job you might as well do it properly and this house has been bodged together and poorly built in the past it deserves to be done right this time around. 

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