Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bathroom floor no more! Shocking pictures!

After several hours of removing pipework and completely clearing the bathroom it's time to start removing the old floor. Fortunately or unfortunately for us the floor was completely rotten and several of the beams were barely touching the wall let alone securely and safely fastened into the wall. This was great for getting the old floor out but did get me thinking and slightly worried that the floor was not at all safe an I had been having big bath tubs full of heavy water up there and could have been quite the accident.

Floor repair
With the floor slipping away from us it highlights the reasons why we are doing the job fully and glad we didn't put a brand new bathroom into a room that potentially would have come crashing to the ground.

How to fix a floor
with the floor removed it's quite a weird feeling standing in what used to be a kitchen looking up at what used to be a bathroom. Suddenly these feels like an epic task and had no idea this would be involved when we bought the house. I guess buying my first home I was extremely naive but luckily James isn't scared of hard work and has promised me that this is an 'easy fix'
Double height living
Standing in the doorway of the old bathroom looking down into the old kitchen and suddenly we see the severity of the project. Seeing the house like this is quite shocking and probably the worst state the house has been in. On-wards and upwards I guess lets hope the worst of the demolition is over and from here on in we start putting our house back together rather than pulling it apart.
DIY floor removal

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