Sunday, 30 June 2013

Homebase bathroom

We have thought about the bathroom a lot lately, mainly because we don't have a bathroom and the sooner we think about what we want, the sooner we can buy it and the sooner we get a working bathroom back in the house.

We book an appointment at our local homebase, which is Free! to have a consultation with one of their bathroom designers. After a short walk around the bathroom showroom, with already firm ideas in our heads about what we want. We sit down with a designer armed with catalogs full of their bathroom suites and plan what we wanted for our bathroom.

This is where after being with James for 5 years I realize that we don't actually have that similar tastes and I certainly didn't agree with his bathroom choices.

I wanted our 1920's house to keep with a 1920's theme and have a luxurious roll top bath. James on the other hand wanted an ultra modern wet room, walk in shower. Although we agreed on a separate bath and shower we both had such different ideas of what we wanted, and this was just the bathroom suite and hadn't even vaguely decided on flooring or the walls.

Once the designer had crafted together both our ideas and shown us the 3D diagram I hated it! James at first was excited to see his thoughts materialize but once I had explained why I hated it and why I thought it didn't work he soon agreed with me and we were back to square one.

After several hours and a completely different bathroom design and the Homebase store wishing to shut for the evening, we left with our design in our hands to mull over for a few days before placing the order. We ended up with a design that incorporated a shower over bath, a walnut bath panel and white gloss cupboards! Seriously if you had suggested this all to me I would have turned my nose up with disgust. It's not every day that you get to plan your very own dream bathroom and given the opportunity to create your bathroom exactly as you want it. However the reality of space and money and being sensible soon come into play and your left with whats practical and affordable and not whats in your crazy wonderful dreams.

Now we just need to wait for the bathroom suite to be delivered and we can get it all fitted, Finally things are coming together and we are rebuilding the house how we want it rather than demolishing it and making it look worse and worse. Now the exciting stuff happens :@)

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