Saturday, 29 June 2013

DIY: Laying a new bathroom floor

With the beams in place it's now time to start laying the new floor boards. With a specially treated wood designed to be water resistant specially for wet areas James gets to work on getting the first board in place and making the room usable to walk in once again. 
Laying a new bathroom floor
Board by board slowly the floor is made and the two rooms are separated once again with the bathroom returning up stairs and the kitchen forming downstairs. 
How to lay a new floor yourself
The floor now fully in place and we start to plan were to put the bathroom suite in the newly created room. Partly I want to imaging that the room is actually complete and dream of having a hot bubble bath in a clean brand new bathroom, the reality is that we need to plan where the bathroom goes for James to run all the plumbing and pipework first. I think we will have to stay with the in-laws a little bit longer until the bathroom is slightly more back up and running!
Bathroom layout idea

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