Thursday, 13 June 2013

Can girls do DIY?

When a close friend found out that myself and my boyfriend had bought a house that needed a full on renovation and all hands on deck he decided to buy me a new book -

DIY for girls

Suddenly I realized that painting my nails would be at the bottom of the list of things to paint and that there were definitely a lot of jobs that I myself could do in the house and it wouldn't all be up to my partner. Not that I want to portray myself as being lazy but my other half has always worked either as a carpenter or somewhere within the industry whereas myself as a serial renter had never even put up a shelf or painted a room so I had a lot to learn.

Todays task had me armed with a crowbar and hammer and removing the old shingles from the side of the house. Where we had built the new porch the extension covered the original external wall, so the wooden shingles and wooden joints needed removing. 

Girls can do DIY
Using a hammer i was shown how to lever out the old screws and one by one remove the shingles and old battens. Now the wall can be treated and plastered and made to form a new internal wall of the new porch. 
Removing old shingles on the outside of the building
I'm actually quite proud i managed to do all this myself especially as the wall behind each shingle was covered in dead critters and spiders eggs EEK
Exterior wall in teh new porch

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