Saturday, 22 June 2013

Building a custom office desk.

The great thing about building a custom work area is the ability to grow your idea as you go. We always knew that we needed to create an under stair office area as it was the only space suitable in the house for an office, either that or we loose one of the bedrooms to an office upstairs and neither of us wanted that.

We purposely extended the wall out ever so slightly to create a natural divide between the living room area and the office space, this also means that when sitting on the sofa in the living room the desk is hidden around the corner and the thoughts of working and paperwork hidden away.
building a custom office desk
The desk space started with just an idea for a curved desk spanner the whole area but soon realized that storage would potentially be an issue and so the small cupboard under the stairs and draw unit were added. Next we decided it would be nice to continue the desk down in the corner and create some small shelves. Next on the list is to create another shelf underneath the desk to sit the printer on and drill a hole at the back to run the cables down from the computer to the sockets. But for our first attempt at building a custom desk i think it worked out quite well.

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