Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Renovating our dream bedroom little step by little step

We are now speeding through the renovation of our master bedroom, the wardrobe has now been completely lined needing just under four rolls of wallpaper to allow the pattern to line up. Considering this is going to be on the inside and only seen as a treat when getting clothes out it was an expensive and time consuming addition to the bedroom but something that we both really wanted and it is those personal touches that make our house our own. 
Wallpapered wardrobes
The ten drawers in the middle of the wardrobe and been made and fitted as well as the first two cupboard doors going into place.
Wallpaper inside wardrobes
At the end of the weekend we had added all the doors and two of the handles to the wardrobes and can get an idea of how the room will look once completed. There are a few minor adjustments to make the far left hand door doesn't quite shut as neatly as we would like and is a few millimetres off being perfect so that will need amending. 
We also painted the surround of the wardrobe in an antique white colour that we would hope to complement the doors but both feel that this clashes and is too bright next to the doors and we have decided to paint the surround in the same colours that the walls are painted in.  
Custom built wardrobe

Jobs to do on the bedroom. 

  • Paint the surround around the wardrobe 
  • Add handles
  • Re-fit one wardrobe door
  • Paint the ceiling
  • paint the walls
  • Complete the electrics, adding wall lights, sockets, and light switches
  • add skirting around the room
  • fit the radiator back on the wall
  • paint the dressing table and fit
Once all these jobs are done we can book in the carpet fitters and finally move into the bedroom and I can not wait.

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