Friday, 29 August 2014

Wallpapered Wardrobes

With the bank holiday weekend proving to be a wash out the hard work spent doing DIY didn't seem to bad. I think if the sun was shining outside then it would have been a different story. With our samples painted and our final colour choice chosen it was now time to crack on with getting the walls coated. 
Paint test pots
The ceiling still needs a little attention and a few holes filled before this can be painted and as you can see on the below image to the left our light switch is currently sitting on this wall as we are waiting for the electrician to safely move this to another wall. Once this is done and the hole filled the walls and ceiling can have their final coats of paint. 
Painted bedroom walls
Whilst the walls are now in a state of limbo our attention moves back onto working on the wardrobes and my grand idea of wallpapering the insides. Although when the doors are fitted on the wardrobes and they are filled with clothes you will barely see the print but I was addement that this was something that I really wanted. We aren't having a feature wall in this bedroom or a feature colour scheme as want to keep the colours in neutrals and browns so having a little pop of colour when you open the wardrobe seemed like a great idea. 
My partner doing the wallpapering and matching up the prints in the small sections might disagree that this is a good idea but as the sections start to come to life we both absolutely love it and can't wait to get them finished and get the clothes in and the doors on. 
Wallpapered wardrobes

Wallpapered wardrobe
With another section complete the rails can now go back into the wardrobe and another job is ticked off the list of the grand home renovation project. 
Wallpapered wardrobe interior

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