Thursday, 21 August 2014

The bedroom gets a first coat of paint, Let the decorating begin

With the plasterer paying us a visit last week the three exposed walls in the bedroom were now freshly plastered and drying beautifully and so we were able to give the room it's first lick of paint and finally start to see what the bedroom will look like moving forwards. Below is a shot of the built in wardrobe made from moving the wall back into the bedroom behind it. All the exposed panels have been given an undercoat, the backs and sides to the wardrobe will have wallpapered backs and sides to give a little bit of our personality to the custom built wardrobe. 
Custom built wardrobe

Painting the bedroom
Although the old wardrobe is still in the middle of the room with clothes in it until they can be moved into their new home we are managing to work around it and get the first coat of painting done in the room. 
Decorating the bedroom
Now just to let the paint dry and we'll be onto the next coat and will start to see the bedroom taking it's final shape. After nearly two years since we bought the dilapidated property we can not wait to have a beautiful bedroom to sleep in. 
I'll keep you posted on the progress over the bank holiday weekend but hoping that if the paint ever arrives from Homebase we will be able to crack on. Yes we made the mistake of ordering paint from Homebase which was supposedly delivered on the 12th of August but no sign of it yet! You live and learn eh!

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