Friday, 25 October 2013

Wallpapering a feature wall

After several months with the wall painted red in our living room we both came to the decision that we didn't like it! Although we both loved the colour and the same colour was used on the fireplace breast and that looks lovely but the room just didn't have the wow factor that we wanted. 
Red painted feature wall
It felt quite heart breaking to have spent money and time painting this wall to then be stripping it several months later but we both felt that it wasn't how we had imagined it and we knew it could look so much better so we headed to the shops to chose wallpaper.

However choosing wallpaper that we both liked was a near impossible task, we went to The Range, B&Q, Homebase and even a wallpaper showroom in St Austell where we spent hours flicking through pages and pages of books of wallpaper samples. After several hours we went back to Homebase and bought a brown damask style wallpaper that we both not only agreed on but both loved. 
Stripping paint in the living room

Wallpaper pasting table
The first strip of wallpaper goes on the wall and already the smile on my face was growing with only the first strip, I was loving the wallpaper and really pleased we made the decision to change it from the previously red painted wall.
Hanging wallpaper

Brown damask wallpaper
I absolutely love the new wallpapered feature wall and is exactly what I
 had in my mind, now to buy some different wall lights as the ornate funky lights that we had previously bought for the wall with the red paint will now totally clash so back to the shops to choose more lights. 
Brown damask feature wallpaper