Friday, 28 June 2013

How to replace rotten bathroom flooring

From my last post you would have seen the complete removal of the bathroom floor upstairs leaving us with a double height area in our house without both a bathroom and a kitchen meaning it highly important to get a floor back in as soon as possible.
Fitting the supports ready for the new floor.
Here, the first of the supporting beams are inserted around the edges of the walls. Next it's the job to insert equally spaced joist hangers around the edge to take the beams horizontally across the room. 
Fitting new beams for the new floor
With the beams in place and the joist hangers all fastened up, James shows me how strong they are by walking around the 'new' bathroom floor. Next to fit a solid floor and we can start thinking about getting a bathroom suite back in. 
New beams now in place

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