Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Creating our new bedroom by adding plaster board to the walls

Removing the bedroom walls was a very big decision as we were only moving the walls by around a foot however the work involved was incredibly messy and time consuming. By moving the walls we were going to gain a larger landing enabling us to move the bathroom door in line with the new landing as well as making the master bedroom bigger. Although the second bedroom would now be made smaller it is still big enough for a double bed and also puts the wall and new bedroom door in line with the existing bedroom wall and door making the upstairs look a lot more organised and the space now works a lot better. 
Creating new bedrooms from stud work frames
With the stud work wooden frame in place the plaster board is now added to the frame to create the structure for the new rooms. We now need to get our electrician around to wire the light switches and electric sockets into their rough new homes before the final layers of plaster board are added to the inside of the bedroom.
Plaster boarded stud work frame