Saturday, 14 December 2013

Painted wooded floor boards

With the old carpet removed we are left with bare floor boards in the second bedroom with Christmas only a few weeks away and the parents coming to stay in this room we make the decision to paint the floor boards to make the room a little nicer. We won't have time to get the walls plastered and the room decorated or have the money to get new carpets fitted throughout the upstairs but we are trying our hardest to make the room hospitable.

Bare floor boards in the bedroom

Painted floor boards in the bedroom
With the floor painted and the bed in place in doesn't look to bad, once we put up a curtain pole with some nice new curtains, a matching bedspread, a fluffy rug at the end of the bed and a beautiful lamp it won't look to much like an unfinished room. I'll post some pictures once it's done and hope that my parents don't mind the half finished house to much for their first Christmas in Cornwall!