Saturday, 7 December 2013

Work now starts on the upstairs!

With just a few weeks until Christmas we really start working a lot harder on the house. In less than three weeks my family are joining us from Essex for their first Cornish Christmas in our new home and there is lots of work to do!

So far we have only done the bare minimum upstairs in the house and only completed work when we have had to like changing the position of the stairs and removing the old bathroom but with my parents and my sister and her partner staying for Christmas we need use of both bedrooms! So far we have move from one bedroom to the other every time some work needs completing and as for the box room... well this is for boxes and is currently storing a lot of our stuff until we have built cupboards for them downstairs.

It was only a few days previous that we had the brainwave to even complete this work. We love the house and the transformation of the downstairs has been incredible and I didn't ever expect the house to look as good as it does. Being our first home and first project I didn't know what to expect, with the downstairs taking shape and looking beautiful we had only one problem with the house and that was that the bedrooms were all quite small. Now you might be thinking that there is only two of us and three bedrooms is a bit greedy but each of the bedrooms are small and so we decided to remove the internal walls upstairs and make the master bedroom bigger by around a foot. To me this seamed like a lot of work to make the room only fractionally bigger but the extra room means that we can fit our wardrobes in and make much better use of the space and although this makes the second bedroom considerably smaller it is only a guest bedroom and makes perfect sense.

Removing an old door frame
The plan now is to remove the two walls of this bedroom and move them both in, creating a smaller room but creating a bigger master bedroom and a bigger landing leading directly into the bathroom via a new door rather than going around the corner through the old bathroom door.
Removing the old plaster board
Once the door is removed it is now time to remove the old plaster board and expose the lath and plaster behind.
Exposing the lath and plaster walls
Now being a complete novice i had no idea what lath and plaster was and I certainly had no idea how messy it would be to remove, suddenly the thought of my parents staying here in a few weeks horrifies me and feel that maybe we should have left this job until after Christmas, but now we have started we must finish.
Lath and plaster wall removal
The plaster is removed from the wooden slats covering the whole house in dust. Whilst the boys smash and crash upstairs I try to keep on top of the dirt downstairs and constantly sweep and hoover the floor as with our new wooden floor down the last thing we want is the floor getting damaged. 
Removing the lath and plaster walls
With the majority of the lath and plaster removed and several trips up and down stairs off loading sacks of rubble the wall is nearly down.
Internal wall removal

Internal walls removed
The first wall is completely removed and now time for a tidy up before removing the next wall tomorrow.
The renovation clear up commences