Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas is coming and the DIY continues

We have invited my parents over for Christmas and they currently live in Essex, they have seen our new house twice the first time in January 2013 when the house really was nothing more than a building site and again in the summer of 2013 when the house had progressed further out of the realm of building site and slightly more into the realm of home but we were still living with a concrete floor and a lot of temporary fixtures including a very temporary landing with no banister and no bathroom door.

With just two weekends to go until the family arrive from Essex panic is calmly setting in as we muddle through constant lists of things to do and buy to get the house as complete as possible for the big day.

Filling holes in the kitchen units
Although not major jobs there are lots of things that still need doing, here we fill all the holes where the panels have been screwed into kitchen units to make them nice and smooth ready for final painting. Although not essential to get done for Christmas it's nice to get the kitchen closer to being finished. 
Painting the island
The island we built ourselves using second hand kitchen units and match board panelling now gets prepared for painting.
Painting in the kitchen
Once the filler has dried and been sanded the kitchen units can get painted. 
Painting in the kitchen
More painting in the kitchen, painting big walls in the final coat really does make a massive difference and means we are yet again closer to getting things finished in time. Whilst most people are having a stressful Christmas with thinking about the Christmas dinner and what presents to buy people we have all of this added to the fact that this is the first ever Christmas we are hosting and the constant strain of so much work to do to get the house as finished as possible. I'm saying as finished as possible as we know it will be impossible to get it completely finished by Christmas but hopefully we can get very close.