Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Finally the skip is removed from the drive

Since we moved into our new house in October 2012 one of the first things we did was started ripping the house apart and this meant that we needed a skip. Well it wasn't just one skip that we needed and this week we were up to skip number seven but when this skip was removed we weren't getting another one. 

It's a really exciting feeling knowing that the majority of the renovation work is now coming to an end and that the house is nearly complete but most exciting is that we now actually get to make use of the driveway that comes with the house
Skip removal from the driveway

Skip collection from our driveway
There have now been skips on the driveway for the last 14 months so it's left quite a mark on the driveway but i can't wait to have my car on the driveway instead of the skip!