Monday, 16 December 2013

Fitting oak doors in the bathroom and bedroom

With only 9 days until Christmas we really should be thinking about turkey dinners and wrapping presents but right now the DIY continues late into each night. Tonight we have added two new internal doors upstairs, these are on the newly created bedroom and the bathroom. Although we currently don't have the door handles or lock on the bathroom door we are hoping that these will arrive any day and we can get these fitted before the big day!
Fitting oak wooden doors

Bedroom oak door
We both know that the house won't be finished by Christmas but it will be really close and the only thing stopping us from getting it finished is a simple case of money. In the new year we will save up and go through the final big spend and hire a plasterer and order some carpet. Once these two big jobs are completed it will be time to decorate the upstairs and the house will be finished! 

I know it will never be 'finished' as we will then start on the outside and start renovating the currently untouched garden and patio, and then the driveway and front of the house will get a makeover not to forget the man cave that is the garage which I know will get a lot of love to make the perfect get away for James. When all this is done hopefully it will be time to enjoy the house that we have put so much time effort and money into building and I can enjoy baking during the weekends and James can enjoy tinkering in his garage. But right now we have 5 days until the family arrive so we must get on getting as many jobs finished before Christmas as possible!