Saturday, 14 December 2013

Happy Christmas to a little Cornish home... and me :@)

For the last 14 months we have used and abused our little Henry Hoover and he has been a little trooper during our house build but with one week to go until my family arrive for Christmas and the house needing a thorough clean he sadly has joined the Henry Hoover party at the local dump! 

As an early Christmas present or rather an necessity our little Cornish home has been treated to a much needed to Hoover and to James's amusement I returned home from work with a pink Hetty.
Pink Henry Hoover
He responded with he can't believe I bought a pink Hoover with eye lashes!!! I love her and can't wait to put her through her paces. 

I'm not really to sure what has happened to me in the last 14 months but since becoming a home owner I can sadly say that "Yes" I'm excited by a pink Hoover! What does becoming a home owner mean!