Sunday, 8 December 2013

Restructuring the upstairs and creating new bedrooms

Removing lath and plaster walls
With yesterdays destruction removing the lath and plaster wall at the front of the bedroom today it is now time to remove the second wall.Once these two walls are removed we can rebuild the walls and start putting the upstairs back together.
Lath and plaster wall removal

Building new stud work walls
Whilst James's dad removes the second bedroom wall James starts constructing the new bedroom wall and the upstairs in flying back together in no time.
Lath and plaster wall removal
This is the wall that adjoins our bedroom so currently there is just a thin dust sheet between the carnage and our bed, although the dust sheet is gaffer taped to the ceiling and the floor there is a lot of cleaning to do for the ladies whilst the boys continue with the destruction and construction.
Removal internal bedroom walls

Building new bedroom walls
The new wooden frame is now being built for the slightly smaller second bedroom and you can see the scars on the walls where the old wall used to sit. Although the wall hasn't moved far it will make all the difference to the new larger landing.
Constructing new bedroom walls