Saturday, 2 March 2013

EDF energy reconnect our home

When we moved into our new home one of the first things that we knew needed doing was the electrics. The house was built in the 1930's and i don't think the electrics had been looked at since then. Shockingly there wasn't even a fuse board anywhere in the house, I'm not quite sure if i was the previous rented tenant i would be too happy living like that but as the new owners we want everything safe and so got the electricity board to come around and help us out.

With the mains turned off to the property the old electrics was kind of condemned, we were set up with a temporary safe supply until they could come back and run a more permanent supply.

House rewiring in Cornwall

In the mean time we had an electrician around who started running all the new wiring, you can see in the above image the old wiring painted to the walls with the new wiring in place ready to be connected.

We now have not only shiny safe new wiring, but also a shiny new fuse board :@)

New fuse box

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