Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Creating a modern fireplace

Another item we were desperate to change in the house was the fireplace. Although at first glance the fireplace doesn't look to offensive on closer inspection it has it's downsides. The bottom of the fireplace is made up from concrete slates, and these just look ugly. The tiles used inside the mantle look like bathroom tiles and the mantle itself is broken and ghastly!
Traditional fireplace
Our first job was to then remove the old mantle piece and tiles. Luckily we weren't wishing to retain any of the old features so no careful removal was required and we could literally demolish and smash the lot out.
Fireplace renovating
Next we removed the concrete slabs that were creating the hearth
Removing a fireplace hearth
For the new fireplace we wanted to create a rustic country cottage effect with a simple wooden mantle. During the demolition of the other internal walls in the house we actually found this massive chunk of wood making the corners of an internal wall so thought we could use this. (Yes we know this looks like an old skool scaffolding gauge, and it probably was knowing some of the half measures that have been used in the past on our home)
Make your own fireplace mantle
Sanding off the red and white paint we were left with a substantial chunky piece of wood for our mantle, cutting away the gnarly broken bits we were left with a fantastic piece of wood perfect for the mantle piece that we imagined in our heads. The best bit of all was that it was free and utilizing what we found in the house, Plus the wood was far to nice to turn into firewood!
Creating a wooden fireplace

Next job is to fix the wood in place and create some little supports to make the mantle look more complete and less like a floating lump of wood on the wall!

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