Monday, 11 March 2013

Moving the man hole.

Now for the big job, where the old porch was there was a manhole slap bang in the middle of it. However now that we are moving the porch forwards this area now becomes part of our kitchen and we certainly don't want a manhole in our kitchen.

Manhole cover in the house
This is the outside of our house in the back garden where we plan to move the manhole cover to rather than in the kitchen, It's only a few feet away from the old manhole but it's outside!
Moving the manhole
Exposing the existing pipe work to determine where the new manhole cover will sit. Why oh why is it always torrential rain when we have outside jobs to do! as if it's not bad enough working with poop, but working in a flood isn't great either.
How to move a manhole
Removing the old manhole area to expose the pipe work
Removing the manhole
Reconnecting the old pipes so that they now run straight through this area now, The last thing we wanted was a manhole in the house, again can't believe people actually rented the house in the state that it was in. We don't mind buying it as we can do the work and get it all straight but i would not rent a house that potentially could flood with raw sewerage. And being on a cesspit this is more likely than you think around these parts.
Reconnecting the waste pipes

Closing in the old manhole cover
One area of the house concreted over never to have raw sewerage floods ever again.
No more raw sewerage in the kitchen

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