Thursday, 7 March 2013

Removing and replacing a staircase

One of the first things I noticed when I moved into our new house was that the staircase was horrible! It was steep with narrow steps and I would regularly fall up the stairs. With a bit of thinking and working out we decided to the detriment of our second bedroom we would replace the staircase. 

Not only were we replacing the old staircase, but we were also changing the direction of the staircase and changing the width of the staircase. This makes a much safer staircase but makes a much thinner walkway up on the landing. The next plan is to make the landing wider again although the space has to come from the second bedroom but i'll sacrifice bedroom space for safe stairs.

Removing the old staircase

Replacing the old staircase
Cutting the floor upstairs ready to take the new wider staircase.
Cutting the space for a new staircase
With more help from fantastic friends the stairs slot into place
Fitting a new staircase

New stairs downstairs

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