Sunday, 24 March 2013

Another day another wall plastered

Back to the living room now and a visit from our plasterer, Who has actually been here all week working through the living and dining room. Here the radiator is removed for the plastering of the back wall. I just wish the temperature wasn't in single figures outside as it's freezing!

Internal walls being plastererd
Main fireplace in the front room with wooden beam fixed into place, really starting to take shape.
Freshly plastered fireplace
Beautiful smooth walls really do give me the vision of what our room will eventually look like. 
New plastered room
With so much going on in the house I find 5 minutes to catch up on some Eastenders... 
Plastered room
Both rooms now fully plastered, it's hard to believe the work that has gone into getting the house to this stage, both fireplaces have been completely changed, the whole house has been made open plan including new steels, new ceilings and new walls. After months of hard work the house is beginning to take shape.
Plastered front room

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