Thursday, 21 March 2013

Insulating a kitchen

With the lights and electrics now in place in the kitchen we can get the ceiling insulated and plaster boarded and hopefully make things not only a little warmer but also look a lot more complete and a lot less building site.

Here's the first strip of insulation going up under the ceiling beams.
Insulating the kitchen ceiling
With the ceiling fully insulated we can now plaster board and hide all that ugly yellow fluff, once again our house starts looking more and more like a real home.
Plaster boarding the kitchen ceiling
I know we need a pretty light fitting but with the ceiling now plaster boarded i can see the end of the project ahead.... ok so the breeze blocks in the background need some attention and we have no kitchen but we are getting there slowly. It's so good to be putting final bits in towards completing the house rather than more destruction and uncovering horrors that inevitably create us more work.
Plaster boarded ceiling

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