Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New RSJ fitted and the begining of open plan living

Getting a steel RSJ in the house
Now it's time for more demolition and making the house more open plan. This involves getting another steel in place across the living room and kitchen area. The only problem was getting the steel into the house, the only way in was through the window!

With the steel in the house and a selection of our fittest strongest friends and the help of a Jewsons winch the steel is roughly in position to go in.
RSJ steel beam
To get the house ready for the new steel we need to remove the old rotten beam and get the area ready to accept the beam. First we need to make the area safe and support the existing beams whilst the old supports are removed. 
Supporting wooden beams
With the area made safe it's time to get the area ready for the new steel to go into place, this means knocking out the for the beam to sit on.
Removing internal walls
The steel is now lifted into the space created, with a little wiggling it sits perfectly level exactly where we wanted it.
Making a living room open plan

New steels to make a room open plan
Now the next job is to remove the remains of the internal chunk of concrete wall and our house is becoming one big room rather than three little rooms. I can't wait until the house is a little tidier and a lot less dusty!!!
Removing internal concrete walls

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