Saturday, 30 March 2013

Painting the ceiling

Now for the job I've really not been looking forward to, painting the ceilings! and surprise surprise that's a job for me. Well I suppose there's only so many jobs I can actually do in the house unlike my partner who does all the big building jobs. So for me it's sanding and painting and any other little jobs to help out.
Preparing paint for fresh plaster
In true style I managed to get paint EVERYWHERE! on the floor, in my hair, on my face, my glasses even with a hood up I managed to get coated. 
Painting the ceiling
The house is really starting to take shape with a nice coat of paint, next is to sand down the beams and get those painted to, although I have no idea what colour they are going to go as i want them dark and James wants them light so will have to see what happens.
painted ceiling

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