Sunday, 17 March 2013

The kitchen ceiling is going in.

Lately we seam to be doing one hundred jobs at once and not finishing the previous, to me this feels like we are just making more and more mess and nothing looks like it is getting finished but i'm assured by my other half that this is the way with renovating and we have to do a little bit of every job for it all to come together in the end. Whilst the plasterer cracks on in the front room we attack the kitchen, With the recent new roof everything was removed and so we are tasked with recreating a ceiling inside. Here you can see the new beams in place ready to receive their plaster board, however we can't get the plaster board up until the electrician runs the electrics for our lights so onto another job in the house. 
Replacing a kitchen ceiling
Our electrician has put a temporary light in place to tie us over, at least we can see now when it's dark!
How to repair and replace the kitchen ceiling
New network of beams making the ceiling under the new roof.
Ceiling joints in the kitchen

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