Saturday, 23 March 2013

Removing a tiled floor

Now you get to see some pictures of me doing the work rather than James! As we want to lay a wooden floor throughout the house it's my job to remove the old tiles in the kitchen.

Removing floor tiles
With blisters on my hands and aching arms from the heavy hammer i'm proudly working my way across the kitchen removing the ceramic tiles getting the floor ready for something prettier. Not sure what yet, whether we go for wood effect laminate or real wood I think depends on budget as with all the surprise jobs that need attention we are rapidly running out of funds.
Chipping out old floor tiles
Hours later the tiles are out, and more surprises found. Under the kitchen units there was some lengths of timber in between the tiled floor and the cupboards and this was pretty much powder. With that constant ingress of water the wood didn't have a chance down there. Although with this hole exposed we need to fill this with concrete and have the floor leveled ready for a shiny new floor. Although there's plenty of other jobs to complete first before we even think about finishing touches like flooring and carpets!
Removing old floor tiles

Kitchen floor without tiles

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