Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ripping out a staircase

Next on the massive list of things to do is remove and replace the old staircase. I know I have posted several times on the blog about how much money the house is costing us and being first time buyers haven't taken on our first project lightly, but we want a safe house and some things just have to tip our budget over the edge.

Since moving in I have tripped up the stairs several times, the stairs are narrow and steep and both myself and my partner are tall and have feet on the rather large side so replacing the stairs was always a priority for us, especially after I face planted the top step!

Wanting to modernize the house and utilize all the space possible, we decided to not only remove the old stairs but to also change their layout and to come down from the opposite side, with a quarter turn at the bottom meaning the stairs could be wider and less steep whilst utilizing the same space.

Removing an old staircase
The old staircase is ready for removal, the cupboard under the stairs removed and the top step detached ready for removal.
Staircase removal

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