Friday, 15 March 2013

Preparing for plastering

This feels like an incredible day, the day we are ready for some plastering in the house. I know there is still a long way to go elsewhere but the downstairs is coming together really quickly now.

The first job was to get the two fireplaces straight. Being old and Cornish the chimney breast was all over the place, wanting a modern sleek house this needed to be flattened out. However this wasn't within out skill set and had to get professional help in.

Plastering a fireplace
Having two fireplaces is lovely but does mean twice the amount of work needed. We aren't planning to use this fireplace and have it as a funky feature area with lanterns and candles in the bottom. The fireplace in the front room will be the working fireplace.
Plastering the fireplace
Although there isn't a lot to show you today a lot of the time has been used as preparation time, all the corners in the house have been covered with edge beading ready to receive plaster. I can't wait for the plasterer to do his handy work and really see our home transform.
Edge beading for plaster

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