Monday, 14 January 2013

Redecorating walls and how to insulate to combat damp.

When we picked up the keys to our house the whole place stank of damp and mold. When we went to view the house my partner reassured me that the property wasn't suffering from damp at all and the problem was due to condensation.

Another problem that didn't help us was the fact that the house is built using a technique called 'mass concrete construction' These means that there is no cavity wall, and no way that the house can breath and these causes condensation to form creating a damp environment.

We then took to the task of removing what was on the old walls to expose the concrete behind. This consisted of removing some plasterboard, some panels of soggy MDF and some areas that were about 6 layers deep of wallpaper fixed straight onto the concrete.

Striping wallpaper

Removing moldy walls

Once back to bare concrete throughout we then began boxing off the walls with wooden beams. We then attached insulated plaster board to these beams. Creating a wooden box frame off the wall to create a void of space between the concrete and the plasterboard allowing the walls to breath and hopefully combat some of the condensation issues.

Freshly plaster boarded walls
Now just to continue plaster boarding all the downstairs walls and hopefully we will combat the damp and also keep the house super warm and insulated.

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