Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Building a new internal wall.

With the old wooden arch removed and the new steel balanced on steel poles and steel poles holding up all the original beams it was time to remove the old internal wall, which was actually just a boxed in door frame. Building up the internal wall is to support the new steel but also to create a break between the dining and living room.
Building internal wall
Building the block work to support the internal steel.

Internal wall framework
With the concrete wall built and now supporting the RSJ it's time to build some timber framing around the brickwork and make the internal wall more of a feature. The electrics for the desk and the lights is also run in between the wooden frame to then get plaster boarded in.

I'm starting to realize now the size of the project and how much I had underestimated this idea. For a first time home owner remodeling the whole house is a pretty big job especially when you are doing most of the jobs yourself with no experience. Luckily my partner and his dad are highly skilled and we are lucky enough to have friends to help out where they can. But for now i'm an apprentice and learning to get my hands dirty and do jobs i had no idea where possible.

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