Thursday, 17 January 2013

Re-wiring an old house.

Top of the list of things to do once we moved in was replace all the old electrics. The house to me seamed scarily dangerous, with loose electrical fittings and once we moved in my partner had a shock to find that the property didn't even have a fuse board.

I can't believe there were tenants renting this off a landlord, who even had children! Hopefully they had all their appliances fused and didn't cause too many problems.

Sourcing a local electrician we now have the wiring being laid for the lighting, the electrics and even phone sockets and tv aerial ports. Not to mention the luxury of being able to run all fresh wiring for our home surround sound system and running lots of power supplies for our home office area. Then there's the additional safety features of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms being rigged into the mains not to mention a brand spanking shiny new fuse box.

There's still some work to do upstairs regarding the new electrics but downstairs we feel so much safer and happier. Thank you to our Electrician.

re wiring lights
Ceilings ready for some downlights to be fitted.
New electrics for the TV

Power, internet and aerial supply behind the tv.

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