Monday, 6 October 2014

Carpet fitting in the bedroom

When we booked the carpet fitters this was going to be the final finishing touch for the bedroom however we never quite reached the deadline and still have the ceiling to paint and the skirting to paint.

Rather than cancel the carpet fitting and reschedule when we are ready, we decided to continue and get the carpet laid.
Carpet fitting in Cornwall

Carpets fitted in the vedroom

Bedroom Carpet

Brown bedroom carpet
It's hard to believe the room looked like this just a few months ago, I keep saying there's lots to do to get the bedroom done, but looking back at how much we have already done it's really close to being finished.
gutting and redecorating the bedroom

Now sadly we need to cover the carpet back over with dust sheets to complete a few last bits of painting before we can move into the bedroom.

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