Saturday, 11 October 2014

Finishing touches in the master bedroom

We had the wall lights fitted last week and then had the task of looking for a lamp shade for the master bedroom. You wouldn't think that buying a lamp shade was a hard task but when you have two people with absolutely no idea what we both want it is quite a challenge. After a few hours at lighting show rooms, The Range, Homebase and Dunelm Mill we both found ourselves drawn to the dame lamp shade. 
Funky lamp shade
Again neither of us had in mind that we wanted a paper lamp shade that cost a small fortune due to it's Habitat price tag but we both stood in the store looking at this intricately folded piece of paper and both agreed that this was the one we wanted! 
Cool folded lamp shade
Next job is to start assembling the bed in the room and we start to see what our new bedroom is going to look like once finished and I'm really excited to say it's looking fabulous and I can't wait for it to be finished and move into our lovely new master bedroom.
Habitat lamp shade

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