Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It's the finishing touches that make a room complete

When we bought our first ever house together just over two years ago a friend said to us it'll never be finished, as soon as you finish one job a previous will need redoing and as for the garden it'll be a full time job keeping it maintained.

Although the downstairs of the house looks finished, or at least finished enough to live in whilst we continue work upstairs their are many jobs that still need final finishes downstairs. The skirtings are only balanced in place waiting to build custom build cupboards in the alcoves to then fit the skirtings to. The plinths above the kitchen cupboards are again not fixed and require painting. Then there are edges of walls that have been chipped when moving materials and furniture up and down the stairs that need touching in.

However in the bedroom we are finishing this 100% before moving in. Filling minor holes and flaws in walls and the ceiling, window frames sanded back and painted even getting all new soft furnishings including duvet covers, curtains and cushions. Downstairs we've made do with our old lamp shade temporarily until we find one to suit the room, our cushions from our old rented house, as well as the old TV stand that has been with us for over 6 years and being a black and glass unit does not fit in with our country cottage feel for the room. These things will all be replaced and remade eventually but are temporary whilst we work elsewhere on the house. But the bedroom is different the master bedroom that we have waited over two years to complete is going to be 100% finished to a high standard before we move in.

This week we have worked hard on finishing touches, we've put a mirror up above the dressing table area.
Hanging the bedroom mirror
The window frame has been sanded and painted.

Painting the wooden window framePainting the wooden window frame
The new bedroom door has been hung, that's now three out of the four rooms upstairs with new doors and just the box room left needing it's new matching bedroom door.
Fitting a new bedroom door
There are a few jobs left to finish but we should be able to move in very soon. We need to find a vinyl to cover the top of the dressing table and also find a dressing table stool that matches the rest of the bedroom.
We also need to fit three new drawer handles on the dressing table draws and fit the door handles to the door and the room is ready to dress and move in. Now to get shopping for those last few bits and finally move into our gorgeous master bedroom. It's already looking beautiful and It will definitely be worth the two year wait and a lot of hard work!

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