Thursday, 9 October 2014

Final painting in the master bedroom

After 2 years of owning our first ever house and gutting every room it's really exciting to finally see the master bedroom coming together. The whole time we have owned this house we have moved from room to room. Temporarily in one room whilst we work on the other and vice versa. We've moved from room to room whilst the plumbing was being completed. We've moved from room to room when the rooms were actually structured  and even slept in the room with plastic sheeting between us and the room next door when the walls were removed.

We made the decision to remove the bedroom wall and make the second bedroom smaller to enable us to use the extra space in the master bedroom to build inbuilt wardrobes. At the time I did wonder if it would all be worth it, the dust, the mess, the noise and the massive lack of somewhere to really relax and sleep but now the room is coming together it was all definitely worth it.

Removing the walls in the bedroom

Last week we had the carpet fitted, and after two years my bare feet felt carpet under foot for the first time and it was definitely worth the wait. However soon after the carpet was laid it was quickly covered up with dust sheets to protect it whilst we complete a little more painting in the room,
Painted ceiling in the bedroom
 The ceiling that was once black and mouldy is finally now gorgeous crisp and white. The skirting boards that were also recently fitted are now also painted in an off white colour and the room is really starting to look finished and very professional and most of all very inviting and I can't wait to move in.
Painted ceiling in the bedroom

Painting the skirting boards

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