Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's a little drafty with no roof in the bathroom!

With the sky looking particularly grey it's quite a worrying time to have no roof on our bathroom. When we bought the house we hadn't really realized the full extent of the repair work required. Well maybe my partner did realize the work required but made it sound a lot less scary to me. When he said new bathroom I didn't imagine for one second the roof needing to be removed.
open air bathroom

Alfresco bathroom
I'm starting to understand now just why people don't restore houses all the time and buy them all ready complete to move into. I thought it was a simple task of ripping out the old bathroom and putting in the new. I hadn't even thought about plumbing needing to be moved, electrics re-wired and roofs repaired. I guess that's just a womens way to think about pretty shower screens and tiles and not have a clue how it all goes together!
bathroom refitting

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