Saturday, 22 September 2012

We found our little Cornish Home

well after a very long six months of waiting yesterday we finally were able to collect the keys to our new house. 

It seamed a very long time ago back in April when we put the offer on on this property but one thing lead to another and the house was taken back of the market. However to our surprise a few weeks later the house was back on the books at the estate agents office...

We put our offer in again and this was accepted. But like an early pregnancy we were reluctant to tell anyone in case it fell through again. 

Well yesterday was the day to collect the keys and the house is officially ours, Now we officially have our first time buyer virginity removed! With the whole family, parents, nieces the lot we ventured to the house and started to work out where to begin with the lengthy renovation. Having never renovated a house before i was feeling pretty overwhelmed with the boys talking about ripping bits up here and taking walls down there and the order to create this chaos.

Now just to move all our boxes from our rented home to our very own home and to let the building work begin, Now i've never done any building or even home decorating so this could be very interesting and very testing on our relationship in our new home. 

Ripping out the kitchen in the old house

 Having only been in the house 5 minutes James had already 'accidentally' pulled a cupboard door off!
1st time buyers

Very proud new owners.

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