Monday, 16 September 2013

Painting the original out building

When we bought the house this is what the outside of the back looked like. Although we had a vision for this area with a nice new patio and a bbq and a table and chairs the priorities were always to work on the inside of the house first.
Courtyard garden
We made some progress outside through removing the flower bed and re opening the access to the archway but to make the outside just that little bit more appealing we gave the whole area a lick of paint. Removing the lose render off the wall and giving the wall a good scrub meant that it was ready for a lick of paint.  
Removing render from walls
It needs to be properly rendered and painted but for the time being the old outbuilding now looks a lot fresher. Hopefully it'll stay this way over the winter before we are ready to render the outside of the house properly and make the garden the area that we dream of creating.  
Exterior painting

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